Graduation Ball

Poster commision I just made for my high school alumni graduation ball.

InHuman Invitation/Brochure

An art gallery opening invite/brochure at our church hall for the benefit of the kids church. Inspired by canvas paintings and brush strokes

TS Tours (sample)

Event collaterals for a client I did but sadly didn’t go through because of  time constraints.

Prayer Meeting

A poster design I made for an event called prayer meeting. Inspired by the power of prayer and the foundation that it built in my life.

Freshmen Night

A poster design I made when I was working part-time called Freshmen Night.

Leaders Night

A poster design I made when I was working on my part-time job.Entitled Leaders Night,

Tropical Paradise

A graphic design work that i did for a client sadly this was scrapped because the client prefers a cartoony type of work